TIME - what is time?
Time an universal constant - now to be challenged

Time passed slower before, explaining what science don't yet understand.

What is time?
Simple enough, time is the span between two events.
We measure time in seconds, where one second is 9.19 billion cycles of a cesium-133 atom.
Can time pass slower? Yes, time is withheld in stronger gravity or during acceleration.
Can time pass faster? As of now, science does not support this idea. But now...
Can time go backwards? Science does not support this idea. But now...

A new idea about speed of time
Can time pass faster? The new theory here says yes. Time is limited by physical parameters we know little about.
It could be gravitational forces from matter in the universe. But more likely, there is some hidden connection between
the atomic oscillation frequency at the quantum level and dark matter. Thus time is withheld also by
forces from dark matter. Less dark matter means time passes faster, but does distance to "dark matter" matter?
Remember distance to normal matter makes the gravity less, thus the time pass faster.
This indicates that time passes faster in some places in the universe now and time passed slower in the past.

This can explain several phenomena that science does not understand today.
Current formulas for dark matter, dark energy and the accellerated universe expansion does not match up.
A brief example , a scientific report from 7.july 2023 indicates the universe might be around 27 billion years old,
twice as old as the 13.7 billion years we thought. This shows scientific people disagree.

Maybe the concept of generic time can solve some of this ambiguity.
That theory indicates that there really is a constant generic time, but we do not have access to that,
only some quantum processes have. We however have access to the percieved time, the number of cycles an atom have.

Can time go backwards?
Science says yes only in theory. But this is the simple answer:
If time went backwards, how could you notice that? Easy, you could not. Think through this:
If time passed bacwards 1 minute, your "now" would be what was your "history" 1 minute ago, and you would haveno knowledge about
the future coming in 1 minute. So you would not know that the future already had happened.

17.july 2023
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